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HURRICANE Built-in air horn with grill

Enclosure type electropneumatic horn for boats. A great innovation is the integrated compressor with horn, enabling immediate sound output when pressing the push button. No air hosing is therefore required. ASA grille and steel bracket. Typically marine low tone and extraordinary powerful sound. Rapid enclosure type installation. Suitable for commercial boats, ferries, yachts under 12 meters, sea dredges and rubber dinghies.
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Part n. Product Name Retail price (€ ea.) Voltage (V)Consumption (A)Fuse (A)HzdB(A) (1m)Dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)PackingRetail price (€ ea.)
13408012 HR1 Login 122025300120202x156x1341Blister
13408013 HR1 Login 241115300120202x156x1341Blister