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90/1-E ø90 electronic disc horn

90/1-E ø90 electronic disc horn

Electronic horn, ø90 mm, 2 or 3 pins type, extensively developed for OEM applications. High tone, guaranteed for 1.000.000 cycles. The internal contacts are replaced by a transistor. Low level of electromagnetic interference. Particularly suitable for forklifts and earth-moving machines.
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Part n. Product Name Voltage (V)Consumption (A)ApprovalHzdB(A) (2m)TerminalsMouth (mm)IP ProtectionWeight (kg)PackingRetail price (€ ea.)
10200112 90/1-E 122,5R. 28 ECE/ONU430112390650,3Box Login
10200115 90/1-E 12÷802,5R. 28 ECE/ONU430112290650,3Box Login
10200415 90/1-E 24÷481R. 28 ECE/ONU430112290650,3Box Login
10200515 90/1-E 24÷481R. 28 ECE/ONU430112390650,3Box Login