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FM3 Radiocontr. flat base light beam

FM3 Radiocontr. flat base light beam

Remote controlled swivel light beam for marine use, waterproof, with fibreglass reinforced nylon flat base with electrical pin and socket internal connection. 360° horizontal movement and 260° vertical movement with automatic position resetting. High mechanical and temperature resistant polycarbonate light cover. Beam depth of 350 m. Operating temperature –30°+50°C. Supplied complete with bulb and radio remote control.
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Part n. Product Name Retail price (€ ea.) Voltage (V)Consumption (A)Cd (p)LampIP ProtectionDimensions (in)
17004012 FM3 Login 127,5130000H1 100W55Ø6.5"x7.6"
17004013 FM3 Login 243,8130000H1 100W55Ø6.5"x7.6"